How do I store the cake?
The Joffre's chocolate cream contains butter and therefore needs to be refrigerated at all times. The cake should also be served cold.
How quickly am I going to receive the cake?
We usually ship the cake in 2-3 business days, and shipping takes another 1 day. We normally notify you when we ship the cake and then again when the cake is out of delivery, so you can keep an eye out for it. If you need the cake on a specific date we recommend you ordering it at least a week in advance, as it's better for the cake to arrive early and stay for a few days in the fridge for the cream to harden for best taste.
Is my cake going to arrive in good condition?
Yes! We ship the cake in Polar Tech 10" x 10" x 4" Thermo Chill Small Insulated Shipping Containers. We ship the cake overnight only as well to prevent the cake from melting.
Can I get a refund if I don't like the cake?
Absolutely. All we ask is that you give it 3 days in the fridge, for the cream to harden, for optimal taste. If after that you are not satisfied with your purchase, please email us at and we will promptly offer you a full refund.
How long does the cake last in the fridge?
The cake should safely last 2-3 weeks in the fridge. The main perishable ingredients the cake contains are butter and eggs. As usual, please exercise good judgement when serving the cake. If something seems wrong or off please discard the cake and do not consume. We do not, for instance, control the conditions the cake is shipped in by the shipping carriers. We do not assume any responsibility should you encounter any adverse reactions after eating the cake.
How many people does the cake serve?
The cake serves 12 people. The cake is reasonably heavy and the recommended portion size might be smaller than what you are used to for a cake.
What else does the cake go well with?
The Joffre goes well with anything sour that can cut from the heavy buttery chocolate taste. Fruits like raspberries, strawberries or oranges are a perfect complement.
Can I write something on the cake?
Unfortunately, because the cream of the cake is soft, we are unable to write any custom messages on the cake itself.

Frequently Asked Funny Questions

Is it pie?
The cake is a little flatter and wider than most cakes. Furthermore, as an unforseen consequence of the current containers we use when baking it, the cake does seem to look a bit more like pie than we would've liked it to. We can, however, assure you that it is indeed cake and that it tastes delicious.
Is it named after Joffrey from Game of Thrones?
The Joffre (French, pronounced ) got its name from the French Marshal Joseph Joffre, shortly after World War I, who was being honored in Bucharest, Romania, and therefore has no connection to the name of the character from the popular TV series.